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VIKHER FILMS is a company that produces audiovisuals for different genres: film, television, video, internet and more.



- Filming video in digital HD 1080p

- Audio recording

- Direction and Production Consulting

- Post-production

     - Editing


     - DVD creation

I like to be creative, therefore a way to make your own films and express your ideas had to be an eventual necessity.

From small projects to short films to industrial training videos, this journey is making me grow not just as an actor but also as a filmmaker, director and producer.

I still have more to achieve and more to bring to the small and big screen to show ideas and stories.


Come with me in the journey of imagination.




Disfruta la vida siendo creativo !
Enjoy life being creative !
Creator - Director - Producer


Films and Video production

- The Highway (Short film)
- I Am Quixote Festival Promo Spots
- Interviews for I Am Quixote 
   Collaborators and Artists
- Industrial Training Video  
  ( Duke Medicine)
- Lost (Short film)  
- One for The Road (Short film)

Watch some of the



Behind the Scenes

Projects and Behind the Scenes Pictures

VIKHER films

Get in touch with us to help you create the best looking video for your project.


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